secret 1: i was afraid this time would come. i wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within. i have learned to live my life beside you.
secret 2: i'm so weak.
secret 3: find a man like tom hiddleston. a man who only needs me. a man who hugs me tight and make me feel that i am all he wants.


by 동방신기 (東方神起) [TVXQ (DBSK)]            

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« Sometimes I do think Yoochun looks like Sho, and sometimes it seems Masuda Takahisa is Yoochun's and Sho's child. dajslkdçasjsl »

ahh you’re right! haha but yep sho-kun and yoochun had some similar hairstyles too and then when you can tell they really look alike. dbsk and arashi (and news too) yeah! :) what if yoochun and sho had a drama together?!

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