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Seungyeon’s revenge….a year later

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if you don’t already know, this is goo hara.  she grew up in poverty, her parents were divorced, and she was bullied as a child.  she auditioned for various modeling and talent agencies and was rejected multiple times; eventually, she debuted in a girl group called kara and is now a singer, dancer, model, and actress.  since then, she has donated 100 million krw (approximately $90,000) to the japan relief fund, been one of the first korean pop idols to openly date another public figure, and been one of few idols to admit to plastic surgery and stand up for herself.  right now, she is facing a lot of international criticism, so she deserves all of the love and support she can get.  for now, the best thing we can do is give her and kara lots and lots of love and support!  ♥♥♥

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