Youngest Combi loves their leader that’s for sure.

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ココ大丈夫。 ¦ VSA 12.06.21

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Arashi Emoticons Batch #4 — VS Shiyagare Edition (:
use them ne! :DD 

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It’s amazing how Riidaa never fell on this cold cold water.

Brats laughing over Sho’s Great Cycling Cap.

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AU meme: Jiyoung & Jun Matsumoto in Zombieland - for my own pleasure


Aiba: My mother, for example after Sho-chan finishes a job nearby, would go all “this is for Sho-chan, this is for Sho-chan”. She always gives really lots of Zha Cai to you, doesn’t she?

Sho: Yeah, cos I told her it’s my favorite.

Aiba: Can you really eat that much? You see, I always saw it when she gave them to you, and frankly, I’ve been wondering if you could really finish them all.

Sho: …I’m sorry.

Aiba: What’s the matter? What did you do to the Zha Cai full of my mother’s feelings?

Sho: If we talk about the recent one, at the end of last year, after that I went to have a piano lesson.

Aiba: I see.

Sho: …I gave it to the teacher.


Hmmm. :3.

lol. rehearsal eh? haha. 


 Dream-A-Live Aisatsu Jun, Nino, Ohno 
nino-chan, you adorable jun fan! <3 oh-chan, i love you.
deanlirium      ✿