secret 1: i was afraid this time would come. i wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within. i have learned to live my life beside you.
secret 2: i'm so weak.
secret 3: find a man like tom hiddleston. a man who only needs me. a man who hugs me tight and make me feel that i am all he wants.

even chanyeol knows exo’s overcrowded situation lmao [x]

"it smelled really good didn’t it?"




I just feel that this is going to be funny for a very, very long time. 8|

(Also, I love Eito.  Maru got the wrong answer and they barely notice because APLLU is a much better target for mockery 8D)

still funny xD

I’m reblogging my own cap because IT’S STILL FUNNY 8D

deanlirium      ✿