secret 1: i was afraid this time would come. i wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within. i have learned to live my life beside you.
secret 2: tanginang pag-ibig. sa totoo lang, hindi ko inaakalang magmamahal ako ng ganito. pero eto. iniwan lang ako. pagpalain ka ng diyos.
secret 3: find a man like tom hiddleston. a man who only needs me. a man who hugs me tight and make me feel that i am all he wants.

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  1. I live in a very cold place.
  2. But my room is always warm because it’s small and I always have my heater on.
  3. I want a son soon only because I want a younger brother. Does that make sense? 
  4. The very first Asian “idol” I loved is Taiwanese singer and dancer, Show Luo.
  5. I really want to switch to contact lenses. Glasses are a hinder to me, but since it hasn’t even been a year since I started using glasses, I don’t think I’ll switch to contact lenses soon.
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