secret 1: i was afraid this time would come. i wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within. i have learned to live my life beside you.
secret 2: i'm so weak.
secret 3: find a man like tom hiddleston. a man who only needs me. a man who hugs me tight and make me feel that i am all he wants.

I’ve never loved anyone else the way I loved him.

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If I can start this year over, I definitely would.

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It’s scary to find someone that makes you happy. You start giving them all of your attention because they’re what makes you forget everything bad that’s going on in your life. They’re the first person you want to talk to in the morning and the last one before you sleep just so you can start and end your day with a smile. It all sounds great to have that someone, but it’s scary to think about how easily they could just leave and take that happiness away too when they go.

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"Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow."

m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2.  (via fascinares)
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so my old computer is basically dead now and i forgot what software i used to download youtube and dailymotion videos. help? :D 

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