emm, can you give me the link for downloading the subbed episode of manequin 5 where Matsujun was attacking Nino? Please?

it’s the second mannequin five special… so, episode 101.

here are some l i n ks (:

@captain-snen said: cuuute. Sometimes I make my dad watch arashi shows with me :)

Yes. Well it’s because, me and my parents watched AAA 2008 together. My dad loved it. Haha XD

@dreamer0502 said: pakialam niya? adik ba sya? may kanya kanyang gusto ang tao.

haha. i appreciate it. oo nga e. bahala siya. importante, i post what i want, not for the number of followers. ^^ i will keep on posting arashi, kara, snsd, shinee and FOOD! yes! ^^

@rinoarashiのコメント: I couldn’t quite get into NazoDi right away either. and seriously, yes!!! every time I see Jun interact with Riisa all I can see is Matsumiya. and oh god the fanservice of my hubby *W*!!

The storyline. Eita’s acting. Matsujun’s cuteness and hotness merged into one. I die. I think this drama is going to be an award winning one. Just saying ;)


@rinoarashiのコメント: OMG I KNOW RIGHT??! IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! *___*

Yes! I mean, no offence ne, but when I watched Nazodi, it took me two episodes until I got into it. But Lucky Seven, the story.. everything.. asdfghjkl; And Naka Riisa’s role is like brat beauty which is like our bratty Nino! Kyaaaa!