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supah soul combi ♥

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Because Ohno and Sho can be brats too


  • Apparently, both Sakurai and Ohno threw a big tantrum at their managers asking them to give them a day off so they could attend MA concert. It seems that Sakurai is also very good friend with MA members especially Yara and Yonehara.


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otp: yama pair by xteencrazii

  • yama pair is actually my second otp ever. i loved them so much then but later moved to sakuraiba. xteencrazii recently got me back to them. glad to be back to be honest ♥
  • yama pair is like one of the sweetest otp in arashi. they mutually understand each other, it’s amazing.
  • i’m happy when they sit close. that moment like during recording or remarkable. remember? sho asked ohno so softly. kyaa moment :D
  • i’m sad because these members are so easy to ship with anyone. haha. so i get distracted a lot.
  • none. i read beautiful yamas only.
  • things i look for in a fic. scenes where ohno looks so blank and sho blushes because of it. he loves that in real life anyways ;)
  • as for sho, aiba or jun. for ohno-kun, nino.
  • happily ever after… sho-kun reading a book. ohno lays his head on sho-kun’s lap, sleeping, tugging sho-kun cardigan because he likes sho-kun’s smell :3
  • their non-sexual activity is cuddling. asdfhgkh;

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sho-chan acting cute towards ohno-kun :3

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“  during of O-chan video. Sho-kun grinning looking at O-chan next to him, however other members were laughing  towards camera. “Satoshi-kun who can sleep any place” and shake fingers, and Sho-kun did same pose, that time O-chan shakes finger with a huge grin to Sho-kun”

source yamakaze 

hora told you! they amuse each other soo easily without saying anything. second gif, ohno knew what to say that would make sho-kun laugh because shokun was already holding his laugh at that time.

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Hentai Ohno

& matome sakurai :DD

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